50 Breeds of Rabbits You Can Have As Pets

Owning a pet rabbit is interesting because rabbits are known as good cuddly energetic pets and it is easy to see why anyone will love to have one of them. However, with over sixty breeds of rabbits to choose from how do you know which breed of rabbit you should have as a pet? The answer lies in finding out about the unique characters of each of the rabbit breeds and then comparing it to your own lifestyle.

Taking on a pet is a new responsibility and there are things that are expected of you, like seeing to its social wellbeing, safety, its feeding, and its health, hence it is important that the characters of whatever pet rabbit you pick are in sync with your lifestyle. Your family structure as well, whether or not you have kids and how old they are.

Pet rabbits are known to have a weight ranging from 3 pounds to about 11 pounds, and their teeth never stop growing also there are different climatic factors that will be favorable for your rabbit to survive in. factors like these are what you consider before you own a pet rabbit. It is important to get one that can survive in the climatic condition of the region you live in and also to make sure that you give it a fresh serving of vegetable daily as is necessary for their nutritional intake.

On the social aspects, some rabbits like to be cuddled, others rather hop around freely. If you have little children, you may consider getting medium sized rabbits that like to be cuddled because you know your kids would love to cuddle them. With older kids, you have more liberty with the sizes to get. Also, consider your furniture as rabbits love to chew around.

Now that you know the basics about what to expect and consider when getting a pet rabbit, it is time to find the right breed from these 50 different breeds of pet rabbits.

50 Breeds of Pet rabbits


The Alaskan rabbit originated in Germany as a result of cross-breeding four different rabbits; the Himalayan, Dutch, Havana and Champagne d’Argenes. The result is a dark-furred, medium sized rabbit that weighs 7 – 9 pounds at adult age and is very sociable and energetic making it suitable for homes with older kids because smaller kids might handle them tightly and get scratched by the rabbits in protest.


The American Rabbit is a breed developed in America known to have dark blueish black fur, however, a white albino version exists as sports. This breed of rabbits was an endangered breed at a time but have now been considered safe. Weighing 9-12 pounds at the adult stage, they are easy to train and considered to have a nice personality mostly motherly/nurturing.

American checkered giant

The checkered giant rabbit is notably the heaviest of rabbit breeds weighing a minimum of 10 pounds at the grown stage. They have beautifully spotted furs and are often compared to the Giant Papillon in the UK, however, they differ in spots. With a lifespan of 8 – 10 years (live longer in captivity), they are known to be good-natured and very active. Keeping this rabbit as a pet means a lot of play time and toys.

American chinchilla

The American Chinchilla rabbit originated in the USA and was bred mostly for its coat which stands as its distinctive feature. The rabbits are large sized and they do not take long to grow to an adult weight of about 11 pounds. Although they are currently mostly bread for meat, the American Chinchilla enjoys human affection and can be very good with children.

American fuzzy lop

This rabbit breed is generally fancy and domestic because of their small compact size and the wooly furs. The rabbit is notably colored with dark ears and a predominantly white body fur spotted with dark colors. These rabbits when kept can live up to 8-10 years’ lifespan and are very playful and sociable, hence can do well with children. However, the does may not like loud noises.

American sable

The American sable rabbit is medium sized rabbits of about 7 – 9 pounds weight created from breeding different pure breed chinchillas. Their furs are unique consisting of them having dark sepia fur over their head, back, and feet which are lighter on the other body parts. This rabbit breed is very calm and doesn’t like to be disturbed hence will be a convenient pet for families with older kids or adults.


The Angora rabbit is famous for its soft silky wool and as a result, has been breed into different variations for its wool fur. These rabbits are cute and friendly and are great home pets but they need daily care because of their wool. They are susceptible to dangers from ingestion and insects due to their fur and hence must be cared for, as a result, you should consider them as pets if you can afford their care.


The Argente rabbit is a small cuddly rabbit (6 pounds) with 6 different varieties named according to their fur color. They have dark dense fur and are often bred for domestic purposes. These rabbits are friendly, get used to children and other pets quickly and also enjoy the attention. They can get pricey to purchase because they are rare, but they are also of sweet friendly nature.

Belgian hare

The Belgian hare rabbit was first bred in Belgium (hence the name) to resemble a wild hare with slender body structure. This rabbit is medium sized weighing about 9 pounds and is known to be very energetic and fast hence a fast metabolic rate. The rabbit is better kept in a large cage with enough room for exercising and moving around. they can be easily domesticated because they are intelligent, we had one at home once and it was so intelligent, affectionate and well behaved, almost like dogs, sometimes it would follow you around asking for food. However, their energy makes it not suitable for homes with little kids.

Britannia petite

The Britannia petite are commonly kept as pets and for shows because of their beautiful frame when seated and the fact that they are cute. However, this rabbit breed is very active and enjoys hopping around, as a result, would enjoy a large cage and may not always enjoy cuddles from their owners. The rabbit is easy to care for as long as they are in a rabbit-proof space with a good diet and health routine.


Californian rabbits are very interesting rabbits originally bred in California for its fur and meat, hence the name. these rabbits are big, growing up to 11 pounds and are very active animals albeit good-natured and friendly. The rabbits are commonly white furred with dark furs appearing in the ears. They will benefit from a large space to play around to and are very tolerant with all climates.

Champagne d’Argent

The Champagne d’Argent rabbit is a common and old breed of rabbit with unclear origins. There are different breed varieties that have been developed from this rabbit, however, this particular one is known for its predominantly silvery fur. Although a small to medium sized rabbit, it weighs about 11 pounds, they are averagely active and should be bred from an early stage.

Checkered giant

Although with French origin, these rabbits were developed in Europe and are commonly used as pets and for show purposes. As the name suggests, they are big rabbits weighing up to 12 pounds and should be kept around older children. This rabbit needs the required good feeding, and space to play around and can be good natures and friendly. With defined markings, these rabbits are generally beautiful and unique.


The Chinchilla rabbits are generally medium and have two later bigger versions which are the American chinchilla and the giant chinchilla that are bigger. These rabbits are known to be gentle and are very good house pets although they get curious. They are a breed you can keep even if you have little children they were so named as a result of the look of their furs which resembled chinchilla rodents’.


The giant continental rabbit is suspected to be a descendant of the Giant Flemish rabbit and is one of the largest rabbit sizes with the largest record being a rabbit of 53 pounds’ weight and 4ft length. The continental giant is of two types, colored and white and are known to be very intelligent and friendly and can even be trained to respond to their name. although they are good-natured, they may not be suitable for little children because of their sizes.

Creme d’Argent

This rabbit breed developed in France is a common rabbit with an orange-fawn colored fur. They are easy to keep as pets because they are calm and friendly. Smaller kids may struggle because of the size but families with older kids or without kids will enjoy the calm cuddly nature of this rabbit. The rabbit weighs 8 – 11 pounds at adult stage and cannot stand extreme cold or hot temperature.


The Dutch rabbit is a globally popular rabbit groomed as pets or as show rabbits because of their beautiful distinctive fur color and pattern. This rabbit is small and weighs about 5 pounds at adulthood. This rabbit is great as a pet for all kinds of families because they are gentle, very friendly and can withstand all kinds of climates.

Dwarf Hotot

This rabbit is a cross bread of the Netherlands dwarf and the white hotot and is a very small cute rabbit pet. At four pounds, this white fur rabbit can exhibit a range of different temperaments, from being moody to being cute to being active and playful. Generally, the dwarf hotot is a friendly bunny however, can be a little hard to train.

English Lop

The English Lop are long-eared rabbits known to be one of the earliest breeds of lop rabbits created by humans. Originally created in England, this rabbit has grown to be acceptable as pets because of their very friendly nature. The rabbit is a great family rabbit but may not do well in homes with little children because of their very long ears that demand delicate handling.

English Spot

The English spot is a medium sized fancy rabbit developed in England in the nineteenth century. This rabbit is distinct because of its fur spots and its build. This rabbit is generally active in the morning and evening and needs rest during the day, they are friendly and can be trained easily. This rabbit requires little care, therefore, is suitable to be in families.

Flemish Giant (Patagonian)

The Flemish giant rabbits are large rabbits originating from Flanders. These rabbits are interesting pets because of their size and their friendliness, however, this means a bigger cage as in some cases the Flemish giants can grow up to 20 pounds weight. They have a healthy appetite and furs in different colors that are susceptible to ear mites.

Florida White

The Florida white rabbit is a medium sized rabbit created in America by crossbreeding the albino Polish and albino Dutch rabbits. Hence resulting in a good-natured, friendly rabbit that is easy to keep as a pet because of its calm nature and low care requirement. The rabbit weighs a little over 5 pounds and is generally calm. This rabbit can do well in families.

French Lop

This largely sized rabbit was developed in France originally for meat from a cross breed of the English lop and the Flemish giants. This rabbits can weigh up to 15 pounds and have lopsided ears with a variety of fur patterns and colors. They are good family rabbits and are very calm and/or docile hence can get overweight. Ensure to exercise them.

Giant Chinchilla

This giant rabbit created in the early twenties in the United States was made from a mix of Flemish giants and the Chinchilla rabbit. The rabbits are known to weigh up to 15 pounds and are of calm nature, hence very good pets. Even though they mostly lay around all day be sure to exercise them and feed them well.

Giant Papillon

The giant Papillon rabbits were created in France through cross-breeding the giant Flemish rabbit and the French lop, resulting in a large rabbit with large ears and interesting fur pattern. This rabbit is an active rabbit and is good-natured hence suitable as a pet. This rabbit is playful and does not require excessive care to keep, just give it room to move around and toys.


The Harlequin rabbits are medium sized rabbits that weigh about 6 to 8 pounds, they originated in France and are of two types; the magpie breed and the Japanese breed. This rabbit is a good-natured active rabbit, also an intelligent one. Hence they are great as family pets even for families with kids and need to be given enough room and toys to play.


The Havana rabbit, a rabbit originated in the Netherlands is a medium-sized dark colored show rabbit that usually weighs about 5 to 6 pounds at their adult stage. This rabbit is a good pet because it easily gets used to people and bond with them as well however it enjoys some freedom. Because of this, they are more suitable to homes with older children as little ones may get too clingy denying the rabbit of its freedom.


This medium-sized rabbit with unclear origin is known for their interesting fur resembling Himalayan cats. the furs can differ with climate as colder climates result in dark spots on the fur. They weigh 4.5kg and are very good with adaptation because of their calm nature and their ability to survive with different temperatures whether hot or cold.

Holland Lop

This rabbit is a small lop-eared rabbit originally breed in the Netherlands, and they come in a wide range of fur colors and patterns. The rabbit is considered cute and fancy and are very adaptable to people and also playful hence they are a good choice in houses with children. This rabbit does not require a lot of care and is very easy to handle and carry around because of their small sizes.

Blanc de Hotot

The Blanc de Hotot is a white rabbit created in France in the early twentieth century by mixing three different rabbit breeds. This rabbit is a calm rabbit however very friendly, for easier training, it is better to do so while they are still young. Although the intent for creating them was for their fur and meat, the rabbit is now commonly used as pets and can do well with families

Jersey Whooly

This Jersey rabbit is a small rabbit that was created from a cross breed of Netherland dwarf and French Angora. They weigh 4 pounds, have different fur colors and require only average care for grooming hence very easy pets to own. Because they are small and of good temper, they can fit well with any age group of owners including children.


Lilac rabbits are medium sized compact rabbits that were first exhibited in Britain and is known to have a pink to dove blue fur that sometimes appears grey with different lighting. This rabbit is generally a friendly rabbit and is suitable as a pet because it loves pampering and enjoys human company. The rabbit can be in a family of both younger and older children but are not suitable as a first rabbit pet for kids.

Mini Lop

Mini Lop rabbits were initially known as Klein Widder when it was discovered in Germany. The Minilop are known to be happy and energetic rabbits and are better trained early because they take some time to get used to a new environment and new people. This rabbit breed can fare very well with families and with children because of their small cuddly sizes.  

Mini Rex

Mini Rex rabbits are small sized rabbits weighing no more than 4.5 pounds with plush furs because of its even length hairs on the skin. This rabbit is easy to take care of because it does not require daily grooming, eats the regular food and with good hygiene will stay healthy. This rabbit is calm and friendly and can be easy pets for children as well.  

Miniature Lop

Miniature Lop rabbit although often confused with the name Mini lop is actually a different rabbit breed, this one is BRC recognized. This rabbit is relatively new and is a descendant of the Holland lop rabbit. It has similar characters to the Holland Lop and it weighs 3.5 pounds, making it easy to carry. Because it is a new breed, it is not as popular.

Netherland Dwarf

These small 2.5 pound rabbits were originally bred in the Netherlands from a crossbreed of Polish rabbits with wild rabbits, and are often confused with the Polish rabbit. Although they are trainable it takes time because this rabbit is generally scared and may reject people by scratching. Eventually, they like a lot of human interaction but do not enjoy tight hugs.  

New Zealand

The New Zealand rabbits developed in America comes in a variety of fur colors with the albinos known as the New Zealand White rabbits. These rabbits weigh up to 12 pounds and are calm and accommodating of different handling and carrying methods. However, because of their size, they are not suitable for smaller children as they may have trouble lifting them up.  


This large golden furred rabbit was developed in Washington and was initially groomed for meat and fur because of its size. These rabbits make great home pets because they often clean themselves and are very friendly albeit being docile. They do not make so much mess and they can be trained easily, they also enjoy human company a lot.


The polish rabbit is beautifully white and black spotted rabbits that were created in Belgium from a crossbreed of Dutch and Himalayan rabbit breeds. The rabbit can be white, spotted, black or dark brown furs and at adult, the stage does not weigh up to 4 pounds. Their small size makes them unsuitable for families with small children because they can be dropped easily, hurting their fragile bones.


This rabbit is a medium sized velvety fur rabbit that originated in France. The rabbit is known for its fine plush furs made so by having equal length of hairs on its body. These rabbits are known to be playful and caring and can be used to foster other breeds. It is suitable in families with small kids because of how friendly and playful the breed of rabbit is.

Rhinelander rabbit

The Rhinelander rabbit is a unique medium sized rabbit with butterfly spot on the face, dark feet, dark ears, and a unique coat. These rabbits originated from Germany but have been exported to different areas. Due to their active and friendly nature, they are easy to keep as pets however hard to train as it takes longer time. These rabbits do not do well with extreme weather, therefore are better cared for indoors.


Originating in the USA, the Satin rabbit is named after it’s unique shiny fur that resulted from a genetic mutation. The Satin rabbit has a different color of furs and could weigh between 6 to 8 pounds. They are generally calm and well behaved and are known to be good pets even for children. Their medium size also supports their use by children, even younger ones.


The silver rabbit is one of the oldest domestic rabbits with unknown origins and named after their dark-colored furs intertwined with white hair hence the silvery look. The silver rabbit is rare and very good with families, even with younger children because of their calm and welcoming nature as well as their size. Despite their calm nature, the silver rabbits are playful and active hence need a lot of space to move about.

Silver Fox

The silver fox rabbit was developed in Ohio in the early nineteenth century, it is named after its silvery fur like the silver rabbit. The rabbit is large and in respect very docile and accommodating, making them an enjoyable companion that is easy to handle. They can weigh 13 to 14 pounds and do very well in all climate, they should also be made to exercise properly because of their docile nature.

Silver Marten

The Silver Marten rabbit was developed in the USA in 1920 with a Chinchilla gene and is named after a color. These rabbits come in a variety of four fur color and are from small to medium sized although most commonly small sized. They are friendly and playful however can be shy hence they need to be trained early. They are great pets mostly because of their welcoming nature and ability to withstand any climate.

Astrex rabbits

Astrex rabbits are genetically mutated rabbits that develop curly hair. There are different types of these furs from kinks to waves but as long as they are curly they are Astrex. These rabbits are still new research and still highly uncommon, these rabbits usually show characteristics of rabbits from which their genetic mutation was found.


Beveren rabbits are very old domestic rabbits, where it originated from is still unclear as it might have either been Belgium or England. The rabbit is known for its fine blue fur and was initially bred for that. Resembling the lilac rabbit, this rabbit is large, agile and playful hence a suitable pet for families with older children because of their size. They are usually very curious hence require a large area, a close eye, and toys.

Blanc de Bouscat

The Blanc de Bouscat is a rare breed French French rabbit with a completely white fur. Although a large rabbit at 13 pounds minimum weight for adults, the rabbit is very calm and gentle, earning it the nickname gentle cat. Although they are gentle, they love to play hence need a large room or cage and are more appropriate as pets in homes with older children.


The Cinnamon rabbit is a beautiful brown colored rabbit created accidentally by two children. These rabbits have their fur as their unique feature and are mostly bred as pets. They are good-natured and calm however they enjoy communal living rather that solitary living, hence it is advisable to buy them in pairs as they live longer that way (7 to 8 years).


The Tan rabbit is a very popular small rabbit originating from England that is raised as pets or for the show. They are a cross breed of Dutch rabbits and wild rabbits and exist in a different variety of fur colors. These rabbits are very energetic hence difficult to run after, as a result, proper rabbit-proofing is essential in the home. Their speed makes them more suitable as pets for older children and middle-aged adults.

In conclusion, there are different domestic rabbit breeds available as pets, all you need to do is consider your living conditions, climate, and the rabbit’s characteristics. Also before you get a pet rabbit, be sure to rabbit-proof your home for safety. If you consider the right factors, you will have a great time with your rabbit pet.


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