How To Bathe Your Rabbit

Knowing how and when to groom your rabbit is really important for its well being. You don’t bathe your rabbit the way you bathe any other animal. There are specific things you need to know when bathing your rabbit to get it right.

How Do You Bathe Your Rabbit Correctly?

There are two major ways in which you can bathe your rabbit:

  • Dry Bathing: Dry bath means that you clean up your rabbit without using water or shampoo. With this method, you need to use cornstarch and rabbit powder to help get the dirt out from their fur.
  • Wet Bathing: This is a method of bathing your rabbit with water and rabbit shampoo, and should not be done frequently because they hate water and they can also get cold easily. You should only do it when the Rabbit is very dirty. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Bathing Your Rabbit

As a rabbit owner, you need to know that there are specific areas that when you touch wrongly will make your rabbit react and mistakenly hurt itself. Having the right knowledge about grooming and bathing your rabbit is very essential. As long as you know all there is to know about rabbit care, your rabbit will be fine.

Rabbits are not like other pets, they are more delicate and unique. There are things that shouldn’t be done when bathing your rabbit or else it might begin to struggle which will make it difficult. One major fact which is common is that some people who have been or are pet owners might feel like the knowledge they have about other pets is enough. You cannot use the knowledge that you have for other pets to take care of your rabbit or else it might turn out bad. How you bathe a dog or a cat is completely different from how you bathe a rabbit. Below are some common mistakes rabbit owners make when bathing their rabbit.

Do Not Use Water To Wash Its Face: Even if your rabbit might hardly allow you to wash its body with water, one thing that it can’t stand is using water to wash its head. Rabbits can start panicking easily and using water to wash their head or face region makes it panic. Avoid washing your rabbit’s head with water so that it won’t panic and struggle.

Do Not Use Soap To Bathe The Rabbit: You are not supposed to use soap to bath your rabbit because normal soap which is good for human skin isn’t good for rabbits. The soap might be too harsh on its fur and cause irritation. The only way that you can use soap is if the dirt just wouldn’t go off and still you need to use a mild soap and use it just a little bit.

Do Not Hold Your Rabbit Too Tight: It is normal for your rabbit to be a little resistant when it comes to bathing but this doesn’t mean that you should hold it too tightly. Holding your rabbit too firm will hurt it because it’s delicate and if by mistake it struggles intensely while being held firmly, it will definitely get hurt. You can make your rabbit know that its safe and that you’re not trying to hurt it.

Do Not Put The Rabbit Inside A Bowl Of Water: You are not supposed to dip your rabbit into a bowl of water just to get the water around faster. This will make your rabbit panic and it will hurt itself. Don’t bathe the rabbit in a bowl filled with water because it’s a wrong thing to do. Bathing your rabbit in a sink is most advisable because as you use the water, it drains immediately. Your rabbit wouldn’t want to stand in water so it’s necessary to bathe in a wide sink.

Using Any Towel To Dry The Rabbit: Don’t get carried away and use any towel with any texture to clean your rabbit. Using towels with harsh textures could cause scratches on your rabbit and also irritate its skin. You are supposed to use a soft towel to dry your rabbit so that it won’t intensify shedding. Get a soft cotton towel that can absorb the water and still feel gentle in its skin. Towels with rough textures can also cause itching and irritation on your rabbit.

Using High Heat To Dry The Rabbit: Using a blow dryer to dry your rabbit faster isn’t wrong but putting it on high heat is. You need to be patient and put the blow dryer on low heat to dry the fur properly and avoid it getting hurt. Also, do not put the blow dryer too close to your rabbit so that it won’t get uncomfortable because of the heat. Your blow dryer should be on the lowest level because of how delicate the skin is.

Do Not Use Common Flea Solutions On Your Rabbit: There are flea solutions that animals can use but you shouldn’t use them for your rabbit. There are specific flea solutions that you should use for your rabbit. The common ones might be too harsh for your rabbit so you should avoid it.

Rabbit Grooming Necessities

Below is a list of tools and products you need to have when grooming your rabbit to make sure that you get it done properly and prevent your rabbit from getting hurt in the process.

Tools that you need to have are;

  • Cotton balls: Cotton balls are required for grooming your rabbit because they are really soft and can be used to clean sensitive areas.
  • Flea comb: It’s very common for your rabbit to have fleas and these parasites could make your rabbit sick which is why it’s important to have a flea comb whenever you are grooming your rabbit.
  • Nail clips: It’s very necessary to clip your rabbit’s nails when grooming because it could get caught in something or scratch you when you’re handling it.
  • Fur brush: Having a fur brush is very necessary when grooming your rabbit so that its fur would look and feel neat.
  • Safety scissors: Safety scissors come in play when you have stubborn mats on your rabbit fur. You can carefully just cut it off or, you can also use it to trim your rabbit hair.
  • Wide-toothed comb: Having a wide-toothed comb is necessary for combing out mats that aren’t too difficult to remove. Using a wide-toothed comb makes it less painful.
  • Blow dryer: This is used lastly after grooming to make sure that your rabbit’s fur looks and feels good.

Products that you need to have are;

  • Styptic powder: You need to make sure that you have styptic powder just in case your rabbit’s nails are too hard and get hurt when clipping them.
  • Eyewash: Eyewash is necessary because there might be some discharge in your rabbit’s eye and the only way to get it off is with eyewash.
  • Disinfectants: Rabbit disinfectants are for cleaning sores or injuries that might have occurred on your rabbit.
  • Flea Solutions: Rabbit flea solutions are necessary because fleas love to stay in fur and so to get rid of them, you need to use rabbit flea solutions to get it out without harming your rabbit.

Easy Methods To Follow When Bathing Your Rabbit


Bathing your rabbit should not be a difficult task as long as you follow all the instructions properly. The good thing about rabbits is that they can clean their self up because the hate dirt which is why bathing the frequently is not an option. When you bath your rabbit, it is also important to groom it afterward so that it’ll stay clean longer. When bathing your rabbit with water, you need to;

  1. Make sure that the water isn’t cold at all.
  2. Make sure that you have all the products and tools needed by your side so that you won’t have to keep moving around, creating a possibility for your rabbit to get cold
  3. Make sure that the sink you’ll be bathing it in is clean and ready for use.
  4. Make sure that the towel is cotton and also thick enough to keep your rabbit warm.
  5. Make sure that you can actually bathe your rabbit on your own without help and if not, let the person assisting you to stay really close.
  6. You need to be quick and still be careful.


  1. Don’t start the process with force. Pet your rabbit and lure it into the bathing sink.
  2. Start with cleaning its feet are and carefully come up to its rare end with the shampoo.
  3. Gently clean its entire body but make sure the water drains before continuing or else it might begin to panic.
  4. Avoid its face and ears so that it won’t struggle.
  5. When you’re done, use a cotton towel to wrap it and clean excess water.
  6. Use a blow dryer in the lowest heat and dry your rabbit.

Importance Of Proper Grooming After Bathing Your Rabbit

Since you know that it’s not right to bathe your rabbit often, it is also advisable to groom your rabbit immediately after you bathe it once in a while. Bathing your rabbit with water gives you the chance to clean it thoroughly. When your rabbit is clean, you will easily notice mats, fleas, and so on.

Whenever you know that you want to bathe your rabbit first before grooming, you need to do it quickly. There is stubborn dirt that can go away fully only when your rabbit is damp. Deciding to groom your rabbit while it’s dry and dirty might not give it the required level of cleanliness it needs. This is why at least once in a long while; you should bathe your rabbit properly. Which is why after bathing it with water and making sure that most of the dirt both the ones that are visible and the ones that are not are soaked or completely gone, then you can easily groom your rabbit and you would not need to worry about bathing it in a while.

Also, bathing your rabbit first before grooming helps you to know areas that need to be really attended to when grooming like the fur that needs to be trimmed, the location that needs more flea solution, nails that need to be clipped, and so on.

Steps To Take To Make Sure Your Rabbit Remains Clean

Naturally, rabbits are clean animals but sometimes, they might get dirty because of the area that they stay mostly. To make sure that your rabbit stays clean and not just look clean, you need to;

  • Make sure that your rabbit’s cage is clean all the time because it sheds so you might have to clean your rabbit’s cage as often as possible.
  • Brush your rabbit’s fur regularly so that as it sheds, the fur won’t turn to accumulated balls of fur.
  • Make sure that your rabbit’s play area is also neat because that’s where it probably spends most of its time.
  • Don’t allow your rabbit to play outside and come back into the house without cleaning its feet.
  • Use flea solutions to clean your rabbit’s cage so that they won’t hide and later enter your rabbit.
  • Always make sure that the tools and the towel you use when bathing or grooming your rabbit are always clean. Using dirty tools will just keep adding dirt on your rabbit’s fur.

It might look like your rabbit isn’t dirty and in need of these simple cleaning from time to time because rabbits know how to clean their self up. It might appear clean but just know that it also needs your help to get to some areas. Following these simple steps will make sure that your rabbit stays clean long enough and you won’t even need to use water to bath it.

How To Groom Your Rabbit Properly

Grooming your rabbit is something that can’t be escaped because it’s really necessary. In time, your rabbit will accumulate fur, grow long nails, dirty anus, and so on. These are things that are naturally going to occur. Even if your rabbit looks clean and can clean its self from time to time, there are some things that your rabbit cannot do on its own.

  1. Clipping Your Rabbit’s Nails: To trim your rabbit’ nails, you need to use a small clip and gently trim its nails. Don’t handle the clip wrongly or else you might hurt your rabbit. Also, do it gently so that your rabbit won’t struggle with you.
  2. Trimming Your Rabbit’s Hair: Sometimes, if your rabbit’s hair becomes too long, the shedding becomes too serious and it might just litter everywhere it goes and might even get into its food. You should use safety scissors to trim your rabbit’s hair carefully. Trimming your rabbit’s hair will help to reduce shedding to a reasonable extent.
  3. Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Anus: This is usually done only when you’re grooming because your rabbit is a clean pet and wouldn’t want to have poop stains. Use damp cotton wool to clean around the anus and also try to get in as much as possible but don’t harm your rabbit while doing it. If you notice that your rabbit is beginning to struggle, that means that you’ve gone too far.
  4. Removing Mats: Mats form inevitably when your rabbit moves around. This is when the fur gets joined instead of being free. To remove mats, you can use a wide-toothed comb if it’s not too difficult. But if the mat is a tough one, then using safety scissors would be good. Removing mats can be painful so you need to be as careful as possible.
  5. Brushing Its Fur: Brushing your rabbit’s fur is really necessary because it helps to remove fur balls forming. Use a brush that can easily get into its fur and make it rest properly.
  6. Applying Flea Solution: There are flea solutions for rabbits so all you need to do is to apply it on the area that the fleas hide normally. It is good to put your hands through because the fleas might change location. Fleas shouldn’t be allowed to be on your rabbit for too long because they feed on your rabbit and this can make them fall sick.
  7. Using A Flea Comb: Brushing your rabbit with a flea comb is necessary after letting the flea solution stay on a while. It helps to force out the fleas from your rabbit’s fur.
  8. Blow Drying: Blow drying your rabbit is necessary because it helps your rabbit fur to be smooth and light. When you’re done with the other stages, then you need to use a blow dryer on your rabbit to make its fur shine.
  9. Cleaning Dried Urine Or Other Stains From The Fur: It is normal for your rabbit to have urine stains on its fur so you need to always use wet cotton balls to clean off the urine and other stains from its fur.

Common Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes are inevitable but it is important to know the common mistakes that can occur when grooming your rabbit so that you can avoid them. If you know that you don’t want to groom your rabbit too frequently then you need to do it properly.

Using Human Nail Clips: There are nails clips that you should use for your rabbit because they are small and sharp enough. Using human nail clips can easily hurt your rabbit so do not get tempted and avoid them.

Do Not Use Regular Flee Solution: You can get a rabbit flea solution at the pet store, don’t use regular flea solution on your rabbit. Your rabbit fur is really delicate and some of these regular flea solutions could harm your rabbit. Also, if you use regular flea solutions, you might need to use water to rinse it off again because of how harsh it is.

Putting The Blow Dryer On High Heat: When blow drying your rabbit, make sure the heat it as low as possible because too much heat on your rabbit’s skin isn’t good.

Do Not Use Chemicals To Get Rid Of Fleas: Don’t purchase just any type of flea chemical for your rabbit because they could be too harsh for your rabbit. You might be tempted to if your rabbit has too many fleas but avoid them but consistently using the rabbit flea solution should get them off in time.

Do Not Trim Your Rabbit’s Hair Too Close To Its Skin: When you are trimming your rabbit’s hair, you shouldn’t let it get too close to the skin because it might hurt it. Also, trimming your rabbit’s hair too low makes it prone to injuries.

Do Not Use Dirty Tools To Groom Your Rabbit: Do not allow yourself to forget to clean the tools you use to groom your rabbit. To make sure that you don’t forget, as soon as you’re done grooming your rabbit, keep it in its cage and begin to clean the tools. Don’t use the grooming tools more than once without cleaning it. If you fail to clean the grooming tools, the dirt will get on your rabbit again.

How To Clean Your Grooming Tools

Having clean grooming tools is really important if you want to have a clean rabbit. When cleaning your grooming tools, you shouldn’t;

  • Use a dry cloth to dust the tool
  • Use harsh cleaning agents on the tool
  • Try to sterilize it with fire
  • Clean them and leave them in the open

In order to make sure that your grooming tools are neat enough for use next time, you need to;

  • Clean the tools with soap
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe dry it
  • Make sure that the place you keep the tools is neat
  • Pack them properly and keep them aside
  • For the brushes, make sure that there isn’t fur trapped inside
  • Wash the brushes and dry them inside
  • Make sure that the scissors, clips, and other tools made of steel are dried properly to prevent rusting.

Related Questions

How Often Should You Groom Your Rabbit?

How often you groom your rabbit depends on the breed. But generally, you need to groom your rabbit at least 4 times a week. Grooming your rabbit frequently is important because it also helps to keep it healthy and happy. There are some rabbits that need to be groomed daily and this is because they have long hairs or they shed really frequently.

You can decide to groom your rabbit as often as possible because it moves around and can get dirty easily. This does not mean that you should overdo it or else you’ll make your rabbit even more delicate than it already is. Grooming your rabbit too frequently will hurt its skin because of how often you use the products and the tools.

You can decide to brush your rabbit frequently but make sure the brush isn’t too hard for your rabbit. Brushing your rabbit helps to remove fur balls and prevent s them from forming. It also helps to control shedding and to keep your rabbit’s fur beautiful. In addition, rabbits with long hair need to be brushed and trimmed as often as possible.

Do You Need To Always Groom Your Rabbit After A Bath?

Yes, you need to always groom your rabbit after a bath. Bathing your rabbit is not supposed to be done on a regular basis because of how much they hate water and how delicate they are. The time that you decide to bathe your rabbit, you need to groom it afterward. As it was mentioned earlier, the opportunity to get your rabbit damp should be used properly. When your rabbit is damp, you can get a lot of dirt out.

Anytime you are able to bathe your rabbit, it is highly advisable to groom it so that you can get more effective result. Grooming your rabbit after bathing will help you to keep it clean for a longer period of time without having to bathe it again. The more you groom your rabbit, the more happy and healthy it feels. When your rabbit is clean and happy, it makes it bond with you more.

How To Know You’ve Groomed Your Rabbit Correctly?

To be sure that you’ve groomed your rabbit well, you need to check the following.

Shedding Isn’t Too Intense: When you groom your rabbit properly, you will notice that the rate at which you find fur balls lying around in its cage is reduced. Properly brushing and trimming your rabbit’s hair helps to control shedding.

Your Rabbit Sleeps Comfortably: When your rabbit keeps tossing and turning or itching constantly, it means that you’ve not been grooming it properly. Grooming makes your rabbit feel neat and fresh so a properly groomed rabbit will sleep comfortably.

It Doesn’t Have Too Many Fleas: When you groom your rabbit well, you the rate at which you find fleas will be so little. Fleas will be much on your rabbit if it has too long hair and excess fur to hide it. Also when you use the flea solution appropriately, they won’t be able to stay in your rabbit.

It’s Vibrant: When your rabbit is properly groomed, it’ll become more vibrant and free. Lack of grooming for your rabbit will make it fall sick easily so if you notice this then you’ve not been grooming your rabbit correctly.

It Doesn’t Smell: A poorly groomed rabbit will smell. It’s not just about how often you groom it; you also need to use clean tools to groom it. Not grooming your rabbit frequently or with clean tools will make your rabbit smell. A well-groomed rabbit will definitely smell nice.

Its Fur Looks And Feels Neat: When you fail to groom your rabbit properly, its fur will not look attractive at all. Failing to brush your rabbit properly will leave fur that needs to be taken out. Touching your rabbit won’t feel good because of the rough feel it gives.

Bathing your rabbit doesn’t need to be done often but whenever you do it, you need to carry it out properly so that you won’t get bad results. Knowing how to bathe your rabbit well will help you make sure that you don’t have to do it too occasionally. You will also make grooming your rabbit to produce good results. It has been mentioned severally that rabbits are really unique and delicate animals so in whatever relates to them, you need to do it with care and understanding. Making sure that your rabbit was well taken care of from what it eats to how it is groomed will certainly give you a healthy and happy rabbit.

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