How To Treat Diarrhea In Rabbits

A rabbit suffering from diarrhea is not something that should occur frequently so if you notice that your rabbit is suffering from diarrhea you shouldn’t keep calm. Treating diarrhea in your rabbit isn’t something that is too difficult to do as long as you go to the vet and follow instructions. There are some major things you need to know about diarrhea in rabbits so that when it occurs, you won’t be ignorant.

How Can I Properly Treat Diarrhea In My Rabbit?

Treating diarrhea in your rabbit can be done by taking your rabbit to the vet as soon as you notice it has diarrhea. Once you get to the vet, there are some major things that should be done to treat your rabbit’s diarrhea like keep it hydrated, change your rabbit diet, keep it neat and in a clean environment.

Change Your Rabbit’s Diet

Even for humans, eating wrongly can cause diarrhea and when we notice this, we decide to change or diet. Rabbits are fragile animals which certainly includes their digestive system. Diarrhea in an adult rabbit can be caused by a wrong diet, which could be eating too many pallets and too many treats. Giving your rabbits too much of these can cause diarrhea because its digestive system is quite delicate. As soon as you notice that your rabbit has diarrhea, you need to focus on giving it more grass hays and stop any other additional food.

Always Keep Your Rabbit Hydrated

Diarrhea can cause your rabbit to become dehydrated because it loses much water from its body which is why it’s watery. As you begin to do what you need to do to make sure that diarrhea goes away, it is very important to keep it hydrated so that it won’t feel weak which might even make matters worse. Giving your rabbit fresh water frequently is sure to make it feel better in time.

Keep Your Rabbit’s Environment Clean

Diarrhea can be caused when the environment where your rabbit stays is dirty. Germs contaminate food and when your rabbit keeps eating in that environment, it gets into its system and causes diarrhea. Making sure that you take your time to clean up your rabbit’s cage and even its play area is really important. Rabbits aren’t just any type of animals; they are really fragile and can get sick if not well taken care of.  

Keep Your Rabbit Neat

Rabbits might seem like calm pets but as soon as they get comfortable with their owner, they find it hard to stay put. Having an active rabbit means that it’ll always want to move around and have fun but this also means that it can get dirty. Rabbits are neat pets and so it can be hard sometimes to know when it’s dirty because it loves to clean itself up. Dry bathing your rabbit should be done frequently so that the germs on its body won’t get into its food or water.

Make Sure Your Rabbit Rests

Diarrhea can make your rabbit become so weak but it might not even want to rest because it gets bored easily. After eating, make sure your rabbit is in its clean cage resting. Take it away from all things that might entice it to play. Resting is very necessary because, with all the water it has lost, it might become really weak and will need to rest in a quiet environment. In addition, you need to give your rabbit prescribed drugs if there’s any.

Having a pet rabbit also means that you follow the popular saying that too much of everything is not good. When caring for your rabbit, it’s necessary to pay attention to details because they are animals that know how to hide a lot of things. As long as you know what to do at the right time, making sure that your rabbit is healthy will not be difficult.

How To Know When Your Rabbit Has Diarrhea

The first thing that you need to know is that your rabbit feces are different. While one looks like many tiny balls put together (Hard Cecotropes), the other is quite moist (Soft Cecotropes). Your rabbit having a moist dropping does not mean that it has diarrhea it’s only normal.

When you now begin to notice that your rabbit’s droppings are really moist then you need to check. When its feces are too moist, then your rabbit has diarrhea. Also, you’ll notice that when your rabbit is pooping, it doesn’t move too far from that are because with the water it just lost, it’s weak and needs to rest before proceeding. Normally, rabbits eat the droppings which look like many tiny balls because it also adds to their nutrition but when you observe that your rabbit isn’t eating them, then that’s because it can’t. Then, you will also be able to tell that your rabbit has diarrhea because the smell that comes from the dropping is really terrible

What Exactly Do You Feed Your Rabbit When It Has Diarrhea?

When your rabbit has diarrhea, it is important to know that its diet needs to change and whatever you feed your rabbit will now determine how quickly the digestive system will heal.

Foods necessary for your rabbit include;

  • Grass hay: On a normal basis, after your rabbit has started getting to adulthood, it is really important to introduce grass hay to it because if you fail to, it might become an issue in the future. Once your rabbit begins to suffer from diarrhea, grass hay is the best food to give it because it helps to heal its digestive system. Grass hay has the necessary nutrients your rabbit needs to recover.

Your rabbit might have suffered from diarrhea because of the irregularities in its diet which is why it’s important to stop all the other foods you were giving it and provide fresh grass hay for your rabbit. Because of how delicate the digestive system of your rabbit is, what you give it to eat is very vital.

  • Vegetables: When your rabbit begins to suffer from diarrhea, it is important to include vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Broccoli to also help balance the grass hay diet after it has recovered.  These vegetables can serve as snacks for your rabbit and also add certain vitamins which can help improve the digestive system.
  • Water: Freshwater as it as earlier mentioned is very vital for improving your rabbit’s health when it has diarrhea. Water is essential to improve metabolism and avoid indigestion. Water also has properties o help clean up your rabbit’s system and give it extra energy.

Things To Avoid When Treating Rabbit Diarrhea

Lacking enough information about taking care of your rabbit might end up being disastrous even when you’re trying to help. When treating diarrhea, it is very important to follow the necessary steps so that you can get the best result. When treating diarrhea, you need to know what to avoid so that you won’t make mistakes.

Things to avoid when treating your rabbit’s diarrhea include;

  • Giving your rabbit drugs without the vets’ knowledge: Do not think you’re too familiar with rabbit diarrhea and give your rabbit drugs you think are necessary. The fact that rabbits are really fragile makes them react to certain substances. Any drug you give to your rabbit should be prescribed by a vet to avoid more complications. Besides, it’s not all the time that drugs are needed when treating diarrhea. When your vet prescribes them to you, it means the case might be more serious. Drugs should not just be given to your rabbit carelessly because when given unnecessarily, it might harm its immune system.
  • Giving your rabbit too many sweet vegetables: Try to avoid giving your rabbit too many sweet vegetables after recovery because it’s not going to make things better. Rabbits naturally love sweet things so if you keep feeding it sweet vegetables, it’ll keep eating and this might even harm the digestive system more.

Instead of giving your rabbit vegetable like carrots, cucumber, and so on, give them vegetables with more leaves. This just helps to balance its diet until after its digestive system fully recovers.

  • Carrying your rabbit too much: When treating your rabbit’s diarrhea, it not advisable to keep carrying it too much because it needs more time to rest. Especially when it eats and takes water, give your rabbit enough time to rest and for the food to digest. This will also prevent it from pooping too frequently. Too much carrying also makes your rabbit feel uncomfortable and unhappy.
  • Leaving your rabbit alone for too long: Normally, it is important to that you always pay attention to your rabbit because they love it. It is even more important to keep an eye on your rabbit when it’s sick because it might need your help at any time. This also helps you to notice any changes regarding its health so that you can take immediate action. You need to be really active and attentive when treating a sick rabbit to avoid the issue escalating.

Common Mistakes Made When Treating Rabbit Diarrhea


There are common mistakes that rabbit owners make when treating a rabbit with diarrhea and being informed about them can help you. When dealing with a sick rabbit, as it was earlier mentioned, you need to pay attention to details. Neglecting a tiny detail might have negative effects on your rabbit’s health.

Common mistakes when treating rabbit diarrhea include;

  • Making the rabbit feel lonely: Making sure that your rabbit rests is a priority but don’t make your rabbit feel lonely. Rabbits like to be around people because it makes them feel loved. Rabbits are sensitive and can easily get attached or even feel abandoned. Even if you keep the rabbit in its cage, you can put it in an area where it sees everyone around. A lonely rabbit is a sad rabbit and a sad rabbit might not even be motivated to get better fast.
  • Giving the rabbit treats: We know rabbits love treats but when they’re being treated for diarrhea, you don’t need to give them treats because it doesn’t make its digestive system get better. While treating diarrhea, you need to make sure that your rabbit’s digestive system heals and gets back to normal. During this time, you don’t need to give it treats because it might disrupt its digestive system again.
  • Feeding the rabbit with more grass hay than water: This is a very common mistake because some rabbit owners know how important grass hay is and tend to overdo it. Grass hay is important to fix your rabbit’s digestive system but you need to balance it up with enough water. At this point of illness, your rabbit needs water to improve its metabolism because the digestive system is recovering.
  • Leaving the rabbit too inactive: As important as it is to make sure your rabbit rests, it is also important to allow it to exercise a little. Your rabbit doesn’t have to move around too much but you can give it chew toys to play with. As soon as you notice that your rabbit is improving, you should encourage it to move around a bit.

How To Know Your Rabbit Is Fully Recovered From Diarrhea

It wouldn’t be good to keep treating your rabbit for diarrhea when it’s healed from it. Information is key which is why you need to be able to tell when your rabbit is feeling better.

Signs that your rabbit is healed include;

  • Normal feces: As it was earlier mentioned, rabbits have two types of feces and as soon as you notice that your rabbit’s droppings are distinct in texture, consistency, then you can tell that your rabbit is better. Plus it goes back to eat the hard cecotropes.
  • Normal eating: When your rabbit is suffering from diarrhea, it finds eating a bit difficult because of the weakness but as soon as it gets better, it’ll begin to eat normally.
  • No more weakness: As soon as your rabbit recovers, it’ll begin to play around as usual and not get tired so easily.

To also be completely sure that your rabbit has been cured, it is important to take it to the vet to make sure that it has fully recovered.

How To Prevent Your Rabbit From Having Diarrhea

To ensure that your rabbit doesn’t get intestinal infections which often lead to diarrhea, you need to;

  • Ensure that you always clean up its cage after grooming and every other time.
  • Ensure that your rabbit’s diet is balanced to avoid complications.
  • Ensure that you don’t give your rabbit too many sweet treats.

Related Questions

How Often Should My Rabbit Have Diarrhea?

Your rabbit having diarrhea is never a normal thing. It’s not impossible that you can have a rabbit that has never had diarrhea; it only requires absolute focus and the ability to observe. For baby rabbits, the chance that it might have diarrhea is quite high because of its immature digestive system be it can be well treated.

What If My Rabbit Refuses To Eat Hay?

It is possible that your rabbit might be against eating hay but it needs it especially in this situation. The only thing you can do is to still include a little portion of grass hay pallets to make it eat. To avoid being in this situation, you need to introduce grass pallets to your rabbit at the right time and slowly reduce it in its diet.

What Do I Do Immediately I Notice That My Rabbit Has Diarrhea?

As soon as you notice that your rabbit has diarrhea, the first thing you need to do it to take it to a vet. Do not assume that you know what you are doing because there might be specific things the vet will need to do immediately. Trying to solve the issue by on your own will waste more time which might make the situation to get worse.

Diarrhea is really harmful to rabbits and if it’s not attended to on time, it could really damage your rabbit´s digestive system. The least you can do is to give it water on your way to the vet to give it a little strength. Taking your rabbit to the vet as soon as possible will determine how fast your rabbit will get better or if more damage will be done to your rabbit.

Paying attention to details and following instructions will give you the best experience having a rabbit. It is very important to have a close relationship with your rabbit because it will enable you to notice when something isn’t right. Diarrhea is not good at all and it can even kill your rabbit if it’s not attended to on time and properly.

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