What Are Logic Toys for Rabbits

Most people see rabbits as boring pets that live in cages placed outside. In reality, they are very active and intelligent creatures that have the ability to bond closely with their owners just as cats will do. Coming with its very active nature, rabbits need a lot of physical exercises to stay healthy. Also, they need a healthy dose of mental stimulation.

If you generally stay at home most of the time or find yourself heading out frequently. There’s a huge chance that you are bound to leave your rabbit alone at home. You may opt to get them occupied with food but what happens after the finish their meal. Before choosing to get your favorite rabbit pet there are so many things to consider. One of those things is figuring out how to keep them occupied. As you know, a bored rabbit is an element to turn into a destructive rabbit. Hence, a new toy was created to occupy the smart minds of this beautiful creature. They are known as logic toys.

Which brings us to the main reason for this article, which is answering the question:

What are logic toys for rabbits?

A logic toy is any item that requires creativity and problem-solving skills in exchange for food. Logic toys for rabbits mostly entail opening lids, removing pegs, pushing sliders and rolling balls to get the desired reward. Depending on how easy or difficult you want them to be. After going through either simple or rigorous task, of solving the puzzle of the toy, the bunny is rewarded with an edible delight.

What you should look out for when choosing the best logic toy for your bunny?


Safety is a key factor to look at when choosing the right logic toy. Something that is relatively safe for the bunny to play with either supervised or unsupervised. Great consideration is to ensure that the toy you pick is made of safe materials that are not harmful to the rabbit. Some woods to avoid include that of cherry, plum, peach or apricot or redwood trees.


It’s important you choose logic toys that move and roll easy. This would make it easy for your bunny to engage with them easy. The easier it is for them to interact with them and find it fun. This increases the chances of them playing it with for long hours.

Types of logic toys

There are a number of types of logic toys in the market. Each comes with its own unique purpose and are all geared towards encouraging mental stimulation. This include but are not limited to:

Collapsible Tunnel

Our rabbit Gus, playing with his Collapsible Tunnel

The Collapsible Tunnel comes in the shape of a simple tunnel but is more stable and fun. It comes with three spacious tunnels that join together in the middle. Even though they are somewhat large like regular activity tunnels. They are very easy to pack away neatly when not in use. Amazing choice for rabbits that love to explore and move around.

Boredom Crusher Toss Treat

Your rabbit will love playing with this toy and scavenging out the treats. This logic toy provides immense entertainment and exercise for your rabbit. By playing and tossing the toy around your rabbit will discover a steady supply of edible delight. The Boredom Crusher Toss Treat is made of crunchy wood that makes it a joy for the rabbit to eat once the treats are exhausted.

Treat Forage Challenge

It is very natural for rabbits to forage for food as it’s ingrained in their nature to do so. The Treat Forage Challenge logic toy keeps the interest of your rabbit when sniffing out edible treats. It comes in different shapes and sizes but the one made for natural materials is great for bunnies. It’s an interesting way to keep your rabbit occupied and make the treats last longer. The Slow Feeder Bowl is a great type to use for your rabbits.

Living World Treat Toy

What makes this logic toy really cool is the fact that it features the colors green and blue. These colors are the two dominant colors in the rabbit color vision spectrum. The Living World Treat Toy comes with three levels to provide optimal learning. It is one of those toys made for clever bunnies and is made from plastic.

Wooden Treat Toys

This is a great game for bunnies that love to hunt and toss things around. They are mostly made from a block of woods with cups cut into it that have pegs above them. The bunnies will have to remove the pegs to get to the treat.  They are very much similar in look to the Toss & Learn Carrot Game.

Niteangel Treat and Snack Ball

This logic toy comes in three-inch diameter size. It’s a fun toy for bunny feeding time. Your rabbit rolls the ball around while figuring out how to get the pellets out. The Niteangel Treat and Snack Ball comes in exciting colors like yellow, blue and green.

Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy

This is a unique and well-designed logic toy for rabbits. It’s top treat loading compartments are made with the color green and blue. The Trixie Snack Board logic toy features a rubber base for stability and seven holes covered with lightweight plastic lids. Just fill up the holes with your bunnies favorite treat and watch him get to work.

Cardboard Maze

Gus over a Cardboard maze we created for him to play with.

The Cardboard maze is made of simple sheets of cardboard cut in square-like precision for easy bunny access. This gives room for the bunny to plain in and around it. Jumping from one room in the maze to another. This is an amazing toy for small rabbits but if you have a large rabbit you get a cardboard castle instead. It’s a great way to keep your rabbit entertained whilst providing him with something to nibble on.

Forage Toys

This type of logic toy comes cheap. It is a very easy way to give your bunny to play with to keep them occupied and also encourage them to eat healthy as well. Forage Toys are made from hay and stuffed with other dried wild herbs and flowers that come inside. Otherwise, you stuff them inside the toy yourself. The only downside to it is that they can be a bit messy. This happens especially when the rabbit pushes them around a lot. Your best bet would be to have them hung somewhere in a spot to avoid the mess. Other than that it is an exciting toy to get for your bunny. An example of a foraging toy is the Woven Grass Play Ball. It’s another way to make eating hay fun.

Log Roll

This toy is chewable and made typically from all naturally dried yucca wood. The Log Roll has cavities cut in it and can be filled with treats to make it more fun. Your bunny will enjoy rolling it around, munching the treats and chewing on the soft wood. It’s a string toy you can still leave out after the treats have all been eaten. It is also known as Yucca Chew Toy.

How To Teach Your Bunny To Play With Logic Toys

The best time to teach them how to play with logic toys is when they are hungry. Instead of serving them their meal in a bowl, choose to teach them before snack or meal time. Pick a quiet place with no distractions whatsoever. Sit down on the floor with the bunny and logic toy right in front of you. Let the rabbit have a sniff of the treat and put it in the toy while the rabbit is watching. Perform the actual action required to get to the treat with your hands and point to the treatment over and over again. This will enable the rabbit to register how to get to the treat in his mind.

You can allow the rabbit to eat the treat once or twice to keep his interest but encourage the rabbit to get to the treatment without any help whatsoever. Be patient with your bunny through the process of teaching. Praise him for achieving milestones in discovering and finding the treat. Even if he found it with your help or by accident.

If your bunny loses interest in the game, stop and try again at another time. After all, it’s supposed to be an exciting process. Depending on the rabbit, some may solve the puzzle quickly, some may have to take several teaching lessons and sessions to finally solve the puzzle. Be patient through the entire process and keep it fun. The more time they spend with it and build skills, the easier it gets to solve another milestone in the puzzle process.

If after careful observation, you see the toy is safe to use without supervision. Leave it with the rabbit. The more he plays with it, the easier it gets for it to solve the puzzle and find the edible treats. Try also leaving it with the rabbit in between teaching sessions. It helps the rabbit to also stimulate its brain and get creative in solving the puzzle.

A bored rabbit can be very tenacious in solving a puzzle. Sooner or later it would find the solution to the puzzle without your help.

Related Questions

 Where can I get a good logic toy for my rabbit?

You can get great logic toys for your rabbit on Amazon. Pay close attention to the reviews made under each toy. This gives you an excellent idea as to whether they are a perfect fit for your rabbit. Also, a stroll to an authorized pet store might also help you find the perfect logic toy for your rabbit. Based on the lists of examples above, make your choice and ask at the pet shop. If they don’t have what you want, they will point you to the right shop to find the toy you want.

When is the best time to get a logic toy?

Designed to sharpen the minds and provide an interesting challenge for rabbits. The best time to purchase a logic toy is before and after you purchase a rabbit. Luckily rabbits are curious and smarts so dropping the logic toy in front of them will keep them mentally engaged and ensure they don’t go ahead and destroy other items in the home. Especially when they are kept outside of a cage. It also stops their bunny from getting bored when they are confined.

We cannot be with our bunnies all the time. The logic bunny provides the right amount of company before we get back.

Rabbits in the wild have developed the habit of scavenging for food. Domesticated rabbits, on the other hand, receive their meals in a plate. Teaching them to get creative to find what they eat. The profound concept of having them learning to flip a toy on its right face to put into a hole. Then have them strive to seamlessly drag a wooden box to a free position to enable it to remove and eat its treat. That’s a great way to have them channel their energy to an exciting adventure with logic toys.

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