Which Are The Best Toys for Your Rabbit

Every rabbit owner wants the best for their little fur balls. However, confusion usually arises when it comes to picking a suitable toy for your rabbits. Some owners might end up getting toys that may harm their rabbits. To avoid this, this article would guide you on the perfect toys to get for your rabbit.

What toys are suitable for your rabbit?

The best toys for your rabbit are basically toys that they wouldn’t choke on or get stuck in. Generally, rabbits have a very fragile immune system. Thus, certain toys could be very harmful to them. Toys covered in dyes, chemicals or made out of treated materials are a huge no-no

The Best Toys for Your Rabbit

Our rabbit ” Gus ” playing with some homemade toy.

Most times, it is advisable to craft your rabbit’s toy yourself in order to ensure that it is completely safe. You can equally get genuinely safe toys from a pet store close to you.

Rabbits love to gnaw and chew on things. Constant chewing of objects helps to strengthen their teeth as they are always growing teeth. Hence, it would be best to get toys that your rabbit can chew on. You can get toys made out of straw. For example, a frilled straw hat for them to gnaw and chew on. They would enjoy chewing on that. However, you should make sure that the hat or toy has not been treated as treated toys contain toxins and chemicals that could kill your bunny. A plastic key provides just the right amount of resistance for bunnies to build their teeth on while chewing. Similarly, rabbits enjoy playing with toys which they can toss. A rubber ball or a straw ball would suffice.

Your rabbit would definitely have fun in a tunnel made out of straw. However, the tunnel should not be too small for your bunny’s size and should be open at both ends. Enclosed tunnels would only make your bunny feel trapped. Thus, you should always cut out a hole on both ends of the tunnel to prevent your bunny feeling this way.

Based on your bunny’s preferences, you could craft a rag doll for it to chew and tug on. This toy doesn’t require much time and effort. You could just get a few pieces of rags made out of strong fabric and piece them together. Some other toys you should consider getting for your rabbit include:

  • A slinky
  • A spool of thread
  • Cardboard tunnels or tubes.
  • Wicker baskets that they can get into.
  • Paper towels or paper bags.
  • Wooden chew toys.
  • A cardboard box.

If you are getting a straw tunnel or a wicker basket, you could also fill these toys with hay to improve your bunny’s playtime experience.

How to Make Home Made Toys For Your Rabbit

Gus resting on top of a cardboard box with some holes in it. He loves to go in and out all the time. Is a perfect and cheap toy for him.

There are several rabbit toys that you could craft in a matter of minutes or hours within the comfort of your home.  For example, to make a tunnel out of cardboard, you could get a huge piece of cardboard. Place the two top ends of the cardboard together and staple them. Do the same with the bottom ends. At this point, you would have a cylindrical piece of cardboard that looks just like a tunnel. Cover the stapled parts with a strip of sellotape or masking tape to avoid your bunny getting hurt by the sharp staples. Place the cardboard tunnel horizontally to ensure ease of access. The tunnel should be high and wide enough for your bunny to be comfortable. The bigger the bunny, the higher and wider the tunnel.

Also, you could make a fancy tube out of empty toilet paper rolls. This doesn’t require much work. All you have to do is to take an empty toilet paper tube,  use scissors to make cuts around the top and bottom and bend the cut edges. This gives it a frilled look. You could also stuff the tube with hay as this would arouse your bunny’s curiosity and interest.

A wooden chew toy would also be a great toy to get for your bunny. Simply search for a block of wood and place it within reach of your bunny. It is of utmost importance that the wood is untreated. A chew toy serves two purposes :

It satisfies your rabbit’s constant urge to chew and gnaw and equally serves as an item of fascination to the rabbit. However, not all woods are safe for your bunny to chew on. Woods made from redwood or plum trees could compromise your bunny’s health. The safest option is to get a block of wood made out of pine trees. Similarly, you could get a chew toy made out of plastic or cardboard.

Another great way to craft a suitable toy for your bunny is to get an old carton or cardboard. Lay it on the ground and cut out holes in the sides. The essence of those holes is to create air for your rabbit and also serve as an avenue through which they can get into the cardboard castle and equally exit it. You could also get creative and create a maze with the carton. This would require you to get cardboard or carton pieces, roll them up and glue them to the base of the carton. The cardboard pieces would serve as a form of demarcation and maze. They should be high enough to prevent your bunny from climbing over them and should be spaced to avoid your bunny being crushed. However, the maze pattern should not be too complicated or complex as this would result in your bunny feeling trapped and would cause it to panic.

Toys and Objects to Avoid

As stated earlier, certain toys or objects could be very harmful to your pet’s health. Wooden toys made out of treated toys or toys made out of certain trees could hurt your bunny.

One thing you should keep out of your rabbit’s way is electrical cords or wires. Electrical cords are dangerous to humans, not to mention little rabbits that are about the size of a wrestler’s forearm or even smaller. Leaving an electrical cord in the way of your bunny could be very dangerous. This is because bunnies love to chew on anything and could chew on the electrical cord and get electrocuted. In the same vein, your telephone wires or cords should be kept in a safe place. Your bunny might be tempted to play with it and end up strangling or choking itself.

Avoid crafting toys made out of glass for your pet rabbit. Glass is quite dangerous to little animals. The glass might shatter and your bunny might choke on it. The jagged pieces of glass could also pierce its tender skin.

When crafting or buying a toy for your bunny, ensure that the toy has no sharp edges that could pierce or hurt the rabbit. Thus, when giving your bunny a spool of thread to play with, ensure that there is no needle or pin stuck in the thread. Similarly, a cardboard tunnel should have the staples covered with tape to avoid causing injury to your bunny.

How to Select the Right Toy for Your Bunny

We bought this tunnel for our rabbits, and Gus felt in love immediately with it.

When buying or crafting a toy for your bunny, there are certain tips that could guide you towards selecting the right ones.

First of all, you should invest in toys that roll easily. Toys like rubber or straw balls would suffice. Rolling toys keep your bunny entertained as they would enjoy chasing after the said toy when it rolls across the room or their cage. Secondly, chew toys are always right for your bunny. All you have to do is to ascertain the safety of the chew toy as harmful materials are quite easy to ingest. Toys made out of dyed or glossy materials should be avoided as these materials could be toxic for your bunny when ingested. The chew toys should not be made of materials that could easily be chewed out. The materials should provide sufficient resistance for your bunny. Thus, you could always get wooden chew toys or toys made out of plastic for your bunny to chew upon.

Constantly observe your rabbit, to know its reaction to its new toy. Rabbits, just like humans, could have different preferences. What works for rabbit A might not work for rabbit B. What this means is that while your friend’s rabbit might love a toilet paper tube, your rabbit might be more interested in a cardboard castle or a slinky.

Always ensure that your rabbit’s toys do not contain loose or small parts. For example, a toy made out of detachable parts or extremely tiny rubber balls. Your bunny could end up ingesting the tiny parts or choking on them. It is equally advisable to switch or change your rabbit’s toys every now and then as rabbits could get bored easily. You do not have to break the bank in order to achieve this as you could always craft these toys yourself.

As stated earlier, your rabbit’s safety is the first thing to be considered when selecting or crafting a toy for it. The second thing to be considered is your rabbit’s preferences and interests. You could ascertain your rabbit’s preferences by simply observing them and watching them play. The third factor you should consider when selecting a toy for your rabbit should be its size. Bigger rabbits require bigger toys while a smaller rabbit would require a smaller toy. If the toy is too small or too large for your bunny, it could be very uncomfortable and in some cases, dangerous to your rabbit.

Choosing the right toys for your bunny can be both tasking and exciting at the same time. However, if you take the important factors into consideration, you would be able to get the best and most appropriate toys for your rabbit.

Related Questions

What Do Rabbits Like to Do for Fun?

Generally, rabbits are active animals. They love to be involved in one activity or the other. As such, rabbits enjoy running around. To do this, keep your bunny’s play arena safe and free of hazards. Running around is a form of physical exercise for your bunny. Create time and an avenue for your rabbits to run around each day. An inactive rabbit could get cranky or aggressive. It could also fall ill. You could create a maze for your bunny to run around in and try to figure a way out.

Rabbits also love playing with toys. Most rabbits prefer playing with chew toys or items that they can put in their mouth. As such, you could choose from a wide variety of toys and select the most suitable one for your rabbit. Always ensure to follow the guidelines for selecting a suitable toy.

How Do You Keep Your Rabbit Entertained?

Bunnies could get very bored easily. You could take a few actions to ensure that your rabbit does not experience extreme boredom. One of the things you should do to achieve this is to make sure your bunny’s home is very comfortable. It should be secure, airy and large enough for your rabbit to move around easily. 

Also, you should allow your rabbit to rummage for its food. This keeps it entertained and excited as rabbits love to move around and discover their own food. This could be achieved by stuffing food in some of their toys such as tunnels, cardboard castles, mazes or toilet paper tubes.

Give your rabbit the opportunity to explore and discover new things or toys. This would definitely keep them entertained and prevent them from getting bored.

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