Which Food Your Pet Rabbit Should Eat?

Having a pet rabbit is a really good idea because of they really warm and cute animals. In order to make sure that your rabbit is always looking good and healthy, you need to make sure that you feed it properly. What you feed your rabbit in many ways will determine how healthy and happy your rabbit will be.

What Is The Right Food To Feed My Pet Rabbit?

Below are other fruits, flowers, and vegetables that you can feed your pet rabbit with apart from oat hay, green hay, and Timothy’s hay.


  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Mango


  • Dandelion
  • Clover
  • Calendula


  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Pumpkin
  • Cucumber
  • Cauliflower

These are not all the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you can give your rabbit but they’re the most popular and easily gotten ones.

Possible Risks Of Not Feeding Your Rabbit Well

Overweight: This might be a bit new to you but your rabbit can become overweight and find it difficult to move around. This is because if you feed your rabbit with too much of hay or even fruits and vegetables, it’ll become overfeed. The stomach of a rabbit is really delicate and it can also get filled up easily. Your pet rabbit will eat anything you give to it even when it’s not supposed to which is why you need to be careful. Feeding your rabbit two times a day and giving it enough water is very necessary. This doesn’t mean that you can’t give your rabbit some fruits and vegetables occasionally in a day. Everything you feed your rabbit should be in moderation because too much of everything will harm your rabbit.

Illness: When you don’t balance the diet of your rabbit, it can cause illness. It’s better to feed your rabbit rightly because when it begins to have symptoms of illness, you might not know. For example, feeding your rabbit with excess pallets is harmful to it. You can add just a little amount of pallets to help balance the diet. Also, if your rabbit is a picky eater then you can add more pallets and more water to their hay. Rabbits are really delicate animals inside out. Anything that they take into their system can harm them quickly and the fact that rabbits know how to hide symptoms put them at risk of dying.

In addition, you need to always make sure that your rabbit has fresh water in its rabbit bowl because water can easily get contaminated. Rabbits need enough fresh water to have smooth metabolism and sometimes, if it notices that the water is dirty, it won’t drink it when eating.

Indigestion: Indigestion can be caused when you feed your rabbit with too much hay or any food actually and don’t give them enough water. Hay tends to be too dry sometimes and they need enough water to help them take it down. Also, feeding your rabbit with too many foods at the same time without making sure that it’s a balanced meal can cause indigestion. Your rabbit needs to have a balanced diet so that its digestive system will respond well.

In addition, fur balls from shedding can cause indigestion for your rabbit. As it sheds, if you fail to groom it properly, fur will definitely get into their food and their water. It could also lead to choking.

Intestinal Infection (For Baby Rabbits): For baby rabbits, the fact that they’re still growing and maturing makes them very delicate. The most common disease for baby rabbits is intestinal infections if when not treated quickly could kill them. Feeding baby rabbits with alfalfa hay are very necessary and with enough fresh water. Do not begin to train your baby rabbit to eat adult hay when it’s not yet time. The best time to introduce adult hay for your baby rabbit is when it’s up to seven months. How healthy your rabbit will be when it becomes an adult depends on how well you take care of it while it’s still a baby.

Kidney Problem (For Adult Rabbits): Adult rabbits stand a high risk of easily developing kidney problem. It is for this reason that you should do everything you can to prevent it. Providing your rabbit with a proper diet including enough fresh water will keep its organs healthy. As it was mentioned earlier, your rabbit will not say no to what you give it to eat. They love to eat sweet fruits and pallets but this doesn’t mean that you should let them have it.

Feeding your rabbit moderately keeps being mentioned because it has a lot to do with its health. Give them fruits but not too much; give them veggies but not in excess, and so on. Their delicate digestive system makes them prone to illness if not attended to accordingly.

Your rabbit can live a long and happy life as long as you do what needs to be done. They require complete concentration when being fed and groomed because they are delicate. As long as you have patience and follow due procedures, your rabbit will be healthy. Having a rabbit might seem like a lot of work but once you start, you’ll get the hang of it fast.

Incorporating Exercise In Your Rabbit’s Balanced Diet

To have a healthy rabbit, it’s not just about feeding it properly, you need to make sure that your rabbit moves around and exercises its body. Do not get used to locking up your rabbit all the time because this would make it inactive and it could also lead to illness. It’s even better to feed your rabbit in its play area so that after eating it can move around. You can also feed your rabbit in its cage and after a few minutes; open the cage for your rabbit to move around. If you know that you won’t be able to constantly watch your rabbit, then you should leave it in its play area when it’s secured.

What Exercising Can Do For Your Rabbit

It Keeps Your Rabbit Active: Even as exercising keeps humans energized and agile, it does the same for your rabbit. When your rabbit moves around frequently, it becomes more active and fun to be around. Having an active rabbit will also make it interesting to have around. Make good use of the fact that rabbits like having fun but encouraging them to exercise.

It Helps With Digestion: Exercising helps with digestion big time. This doesn’t mean that you should make it move around immediately after eating. Exercising helps the food to get to the right parts of your rabbit too and also prevents it from being overweight. When your rabbit is locked all the time or just sits around being restricted, it’ll definitely add weight. This doesn’t just happen to humans. When your rabbit moves around, it helps your rabbit’s body to allocate food to all the right areas.

In addition, you need to prevent your rabbit from becoming overweight too much because it’s almost impossible to help it lose weight. Prevention is better than cure so do the needful for the beefier of your rabbit.

It Makes Your Rabbit Happy: When your rabbit is free to move around a lot, it makes it closer to you and also makes it happy. No one likes to be locked up for a long time. If you don’t want your rabbit to be sad and inactive, allow it to move around frequently.

It Also Helps You To Notice Symptoms: Keeping your rabbit in one place for too long isn’t healthy for it because you won’t even know when something is wrong. Allowing your rabbit to exercise will enable you to know when something isn’t right. When you know that your rabbit loves to jump around and play, in any case when it becomes slow and inactive, you’ll know that something is wrong.  

What Are The Forms Of Exercise For Your Rabbit

There are three major ways that you can use to ensure that your rabbit is getting just the right amount of exercise it needs. They include;

Toys To Play With: It is important to make sure that your rabbit has enough toys to play with to keep it occupied and active. Rabbit toys can include chewing toys, balls, empty tissue rolls, and so on. Having different toy variety especially in its play area keeps it energized and also away from trouble.

A Play Area To Hop Around: Another way that your rabbit can remain exercised is to hop around its play area. It’s necessary for your rabbit to have a portion of the house to its self so that it won’t be restricted.  Let your rabbit’s play area be spacious enough so that it won’t get bored quickly. Apart from its play area, you can also take it outside to play and even dig under supervision. This is because your rabbit can get bored with staying in the same area for too long. Changing the environment for your rabbit is necessary.

A Cardboard House To Explore: It’s not a new fact that rabbits are inquisitive which is why building a cardboard house/castle is a good idea. They usually end up eating the cardboard but they certainly won’t remain in one place. You can also keep the cardboard house in its play area so that when it won’t extend to the littering to other parts of the house.

Kids As Playmates: Another way that your rabbit can exercise is to play with the kids under adult supervision. Rabbits are fun animals and having people to play with will definitely keep them active. Kids can get too excited and might hurt your rabbit if you don’t keep an eye on them closely. You also need to teach your kids how to carry your rabbit so that they don’t handle it wrongly and harm it.

Related Questions

Why Is It Important For My Rabbit To Rest After Eating?

Even after eating the right food, it is important for your rabbit to rest frequently. They need to rest for a long period of time so that they will feel refreshed. The saying that too much of everything is not good applies to rabbit care 100% and should be well followed. They need to have balance in their feeding, exercising, and sleeping so that they will live a long and happy life. Even before encouraging your rabbit to play around, you need to make sure that it either takes a nap or stay put before hopping around. This is to avoid indigestion and even choking. Even if it means locking your rabbit up for a while, then you should because they might not stay put.

What Breed Of Rabbits Are Easier To Keep?

When we talk about rabbits that are easy to keep, we’re talking about the ones that are friendly, easy to groom, and are cute. The list below consists of breeds that make great pets especially in environments where there are kids.

Chinchilla Rabbits: Chinchilla Rabbits are really friendly and they easily get attached to their owners.

Mini Rex: Mini Rex Rabbits are small and really cuddly. They need to be groomed frequently but they are also really neat and friendly.

Himalayan: Himalayan Rabbits are very friendly and easy to care for. They are really cute and small in size.

Dwarf Hotot: Dwarf Hotot Rabbits love attention and this makes them bond with their owners quickly.

Californian: Californian Rabbits are loved for their look and how friendly they are. They make good pets and are great with children.

Jersey Wooly: If you want a rabbit that wouldn’t be all over the place but still play when necessary, then you should get a Jersey Wooly Rabbit.

What Qualities Do I Need To Have To Own A Rabbit?

The truth is that not everyone can own a rabbit because they are really delicate animals and require a lot of care and attention. Below are major qualities you need to have to own a rabbit.

Patience: To take care of a rabbit, you need to have a lot of patience because if you don’t, you might just get frustrated and mishandle them.

Caring: Rabbits require a lot of attention and it’s only if you are caring that you can take your time to give them what they need. When you care for them, you won’t mind giving them the necessary things they need to be comfortable.

Observant: You need to be very observant to have a rabbit because it can be really secretive sometimes even when it’s sick. Being observant will help you know when something is wrong.

In addition, you also need to have enough time to spare because they require a lot of attention. Their inquisitive nature makes them move around a lot and sometimes they might get hurt so you need to always watch them closely. Even if you don’t have the time, make sure that you have someone who is always around to watch and play with your rabbit. Don’t just lock up your rabbit and bring it out only times when you’re home. It’ll just become inactive and either get overweight or have malnutrition.

In order to have a healthy rabbit, all you need to do is to feed them accordingly and make sure that they exercise frequently. Rabbits are amazing as pets and taking care of them isn’t hard as long as you do what needs to be done on time. Knowing that they are delicate and unique animals will help you to know how to care for them properly. Having these qualities as a rabbit pet owner is really important because if you don’t, your rabbit might either die or feel really neglected and unhappy. At first, it might seem like taking care of your rabbit is just too stressful but when you get used to it, you won’t even mid anymore.

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